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    We respect privacy. is committed to complying with all applicable personal data privacy laws and regulations.

    We ensure that there is legal basis for us to use – including but not limited to issuing a Privacy Notice and/or fulfilling any other requirements as provided under all applicable laws.

    NO Personal Data Collected

    We don’t collect personal data of users directly or indirectly

    Inform the Public

    As a video showcase site – respects the public’s right to know about what is happening in our community and the world. RoadLiV has a duty both under law and journalistic ethics to inform the public of such happenings (“duty to inform”).


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    Two general types of cookies are used on our website: -

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    Video Showcase Copyright Policy

    All the video showcase on are property of their creator or producers. We at RoadLiV only help them to promote their video among the audiences

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